Photography is my absolute passion – it’s all about relationship. 

I am all about having a good time, enjoying the company you’re with  +  only cultivating genuine joy. 

some things that fill my heart:


+ the beach at dusk

+ a slow morning 

+ long dinner table talks with friends

+ funky flowers with lots of color  

+ time with my family 

+ good music with the volume all the way up

+ literally anything with glitter 


 I don’t like the idea of creating a moment to then capture it, but instead creating an environment where my clients feel comfortable for a moment to happen naturally. Poses can only take photos so far –  It is so much more genuine and beautiful to photograph a moment that would have happened whether or not I was there.


I promise to make having your photo taken FUN. So many times I work with couples, and after our shoot they say, “we were so nervous coming into this, but it was actually really fun!” and let me tell you – that fills my soul! My goal is to capture you authentically – for who you really 



i have been living in the dallas / ft. worth area since 2010 and have fallen in love with where i live. it is safe to say that dallas has stolen my heart – and i owe a lot of that to the people i have gotten to meet and know through photography. i grew up in daytona beach, fl and thought that the sunshine state was where i belonged, but fast-forward 10 years and dallas is where i have grown a business and now i have no thoughts of leaving.
photography is something i have been doing since freshman year of high-school, but it wasn’t until 2016 that i started to professionally pursue a career in photography.
i graduated from dallas baptist university in 2019 with a degree in christian studies with every intention of graduating and going to work in a church as my full -time job, but as we know, life doesn’t happen as we plan it.  the lord was opening too many doors to continue pursuing my career in photography for me to have peace leaving it. i believe that the lord has called me into this season of full-time photography as an outlet to minister to anyone and everyone i have the opportunity to photograph.
In November 2020 I married my best friend, Ben. Having just gotten married, I see wedding photography in a completely different way. I now see it from the perspective of the bride – I know the kind of photos you will cherish and hold so dear to your heart, and I promise to do that.